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    6 Habits That Can Improve Your Children’s Immunity

    It is normal for your little kids to get fever, cough, or cold once in a while. However, don’t let the virus and bacteria disrupt their development.

    Therefore, boost your kids’ immune system by doing these smart habits:

    1. Breastfeeding

    There’s no doubt that breast milk provides the best and complete nutrition for babies ever since they were born. The yellow colostrums, which come out in the early days after the labor, are proved to have antibodies that can protect babies from many illnesses, such as diarrhea and meningitis.

    2. Consuming Fruits and Veggies

    Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients to boost your kids’ health. Having them in daily menu will prevent your loved ones from infection. (more…)


    Top 3 Methods – Toddlers and Being Productive

    It almost sounds too good to be true, work-at-home while at the same time taking care of your small children?  While you’ve daydreamed about this, you never really thought it was something you could actually do.

    I started working at home for this very reason. I didn’t want to have to put my baby in daycare. Fortunately, I found a business as a writer where I could do just that. However, not all home businesses are as compatible.

    Here are 3 ways to make working at home with the kids around work for you.

    1) Find a business you will LOVE running and will be possible with the kids around.

    Sure, you might be able to get a job as a telephone order person for LL Bean from home. The only problem is your 5 month old may not agree.

    Your first assignment is to figure out what exactly are your priorities. They could be anywhere from not wanting your kids in a daycare for 12 hours a day to wanting to raise your children yourself.


    Creating Good Sleeping Habits

    New parents have many responsibilities. Close to the top of the list is to develop and nurture good sleep patterns and sleeping habits for their new baby. Newborns need to transition from sleeping with the mother to sleeping alone, but getting your baby to learn to sleep on his own takes some time. However, there are many benefits for both the baby and the parents when this takes place. There are a seemingly endless supply of tips and helpful hints to assist parents with this tricky task. Research and try as many as it takes to find out what works best for your baby and you. Trust your intuition and never give up until you have found that magic combination. The reward of your baby and you both getting a good night of sleep on a consistent basis is worth the effort.

    Most of the advice you will find to help with your baby’s sleep deals with establishing schedules, habits and (more…)


    Toys and Child Devlopment

    Parents who are looking for toys that will enhance children’s development; need look no further.  You have many choices for toys.  If you want to give toys to your children or as gifts that will have an added bonus you will want to choose toys that help the child as they play with them.

    Toys that help develop motor skills are excellent choices.  These kinds of toys will help a baby learn how to grab things and put them where they need to go.  The first thing a baby does after learning to pick up an object is often to put it in her mouth.  Make sure the toy is large enough so the baby can’t choke on it or swallow it (more…)


    Helping Your Child Keep It Clean

    Wanting your child to be organized and stay safe is an innate desire for parents. But sometimes, your kids don’t see it that way. All your kids want to do is play, play and play some more! If you’re having a hard time keeping your child’s room clean and organized, read on for some tips to help you achieve your goal.

    Make the room efficient. Make use of small drawers and cabinets where you can put your child’s belongings. Utilize anything that fits the design or budget. The easier it to access, the better chance that it will be used. (more…)

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